All about Stories

     There are different kinds of stories all over this world. I'd like to call what people wrote as "stories", or in some official defination——"Literature". This word is to big and complicate, it even has four syllables! “Story” is a more gentel word, it is cute, it makes you think of your mom's lap and mantel.

     There will be some basic informations about 5 kinds of stories, or literature (Whatever kind of name you like to call those things). It's going to be easier to follow the introduction if you checked our sale list. Click here to visit our sale list

     Okay, are you confident enough to listen to some popularization? That may cause you fall asleep if you're tired.

Some Of The Introductions

     Those are some basic introductions about five kinds of literatures, if you're intrest on any of them and want some father informations, please contact us

What are Fairy Tales?

Fairy Tales are usually short stroies. They are usually for the kids so those stories have understandble words and full of imagination. Some main characters of fairy tales are Elves, Dragons, Mermaids, Talking Animals, and Witches. It is usually a happy ending (what people called "The fairy tale ending") Even though Fairy tales called "Fairy Tales", talking animals and the presence of magical power is usually more common to fairies.

What are Fable?

Same as fairy tales, Fable (Folk Tales) are also short stories. It has similar forms with fairy tales, usually include talking animals, plants or natural sources. Those stories are popular all over the world because of its ending, a fable usually ends with the leading to a moral lesson. Like many other stories, fable follows its main theme, it's mainly positive, tells people some principles about how to become a kind and loyal person.

What are Novels?

Novels are narritive stories (fictions), it can be extreme long or extreme short. It usually take place about real human life, it is different from the Fairy tales or Fable, the novels seems more real and close link to life. With more emotional feelings involve, and more complex conflict. Novels can be only 10 words long which is called hint fiction, or it can have a million words. It has a long history, with the original in classical Greece and Rome.

What are Poems?

Poems, or in the official way, Peotry. It also has a long history, from the hunting poems in Africa, the 《Book of Songs》(it is called Shijing诗经) in China, till nowaday peotrys. It is in the forms of short rythmic sentences or phrase. People's different interpretation of words and the way to evoke emotive responses become two of the major reasons why people like peotry and read them. Poems are special, you can write and read them no matter your age.

What are Scripts?

There are different kinds of scripts, movie scripts, theater scripts, games or comics (etc.). We sell basicly Theater scripts, that include plays, comedys, and drama. Scripts are mainly consititude by dialogues, characters's action and language become two major composition of a script. Actors and actresses read and perform base on their understanding. Some people like to read scripts because scripts are usually written in fancy languages with gorgeous words.

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