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     Well, basiclly I've noticed that A LOT of my classmates don't know some basic fairy tale characters, (for example the Toothfairy.) [Literally how come there's someone doesn't know about TOOTHFAIRY.]

     Peosonally, I want more people to know stories all over the world. For example Fairy tales, Myth, and these original stories. Because I think that people do need dreams, imaginations and wishes to keep them "stay gold".

   I think is easy to tell by this point, my shop is going to sell STORIES.

If you want to look for what do we sell, please click this link.

Things On Sale

To create this shop, one major reason is to let more people enjoys reading. I hope others enjoys reading, even if you don't enjoy it as much a s your twitter.

I love stories Even more than my twitter, (well, I think is hard to me to log in to Twitter because I live in CHina, lol)

Anyway, hope you guys in joy those stories!

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