My first WEBSITE!


This is the very first website I made several month ago. It is about my computer science journal, mainly about what we learned during begining of the class.

I will keep adding those while we are learning.

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well, not really

First Day 1

What is the definition of a computer?

A computer is a intelegent tool nowaday people use. It was been invented in year 1946. The sciencetist who invented this is called Mr.Mauchy.

To see more officinal defination, please visit here.

Second Day 2

What are three ways for me to use internet?

  1. To look up informations
  2. Communicate with friends
  3. Watch movies or animations


Third Day 3

List many computer-based communications mechanisms as you can.

Fourth Day 4

What do you think about when you hear the word data?

I am thinking of some social medias, your personal informations, etc. Things around you are all datas.


The Interactive Card

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my card

The Flappy Birdie Website

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my game

The Game

Click this link to see my robot game

Robot Game